Author of Transforming Your Lifestyle One Belief at a Time, Christopher Sasha is a celebrity healthbodyologist to Chicago’s billionaires and CEOs who travels to clients’ home and corporate gyms. Sasha believes it’s paramount to stay on top his game by keeping up with what’s new in the fitness industry.Attending seminars and educational programs on cutting-edge information are essential in this ever-changing lifestyle industry.
Avid of improving his clients’ health, Christopher Sasha
has dedicated over a decade exploring various
philosophies of diets that in the end don’t work.A strong devotion to high level sports like
kickboxing and Golden Gloves boxing
coupled with healthy eating, setting
short-term goals and commitment
are the secret ingredients to his
Greek-god physique.Being a fashion model
for Stewart Talent Modeling, Christopher
Sasha knows what it takes to be
your best both inside and out everyday
– even models have to eat healthfully and
exercise daily. He also brings a vast
amount of knowledge with his bodybuilding
competing days, taking Second Place
Mr. Chicagoland in 1996, to his fitness programs.

“The only way to control your health management
is through proper diet, exercise and rest.”

Christopher Sasha is not a personal trainer but rather a lifestyle coach, a mentor, who educates his clients about the body, diet, cognitive behavior, and balance in life. He’s committed to your success and will be by your side with every task at hand to help you sculpt your ABsolutely FABulously FIT body. He believes his success is only a derivative of his clients’ success.
He’ll push you beyond what you thought were your limits and have you using muscles you never knew you had. He’ll coach you in proper diet and nutrition – he’ll even grocery shop with you to help compare and make healthier food choices, you always have to be careful because some diets are ridiculous and completely wrong. The only way to control your Health Management is through proper diet, exercise and rest.Once again, Christopher Sasha has proven his commitment and passion to helping eradicate our current obesity pandemic by authoring his upcoming lifestyle book, Transforming Your Lifestyle One Belief at a Time. The theories he utilizes on diet, nutrition and exercise are scientifically proven and put in an easy-to-read format.