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  Because diets don’t work!   (Video: Latest TV Segment)

In this comprehensive, yet easy-to-follow discourse, popular healthy lifestyle consultant Christopher Sasha explains why we’re getting fatter, even as our interest in diets continues to grow. Almost a third of us are on diets at any given time. But 95% of the collective weight that is lost is regained. And then some. The end result? Two-thirds of us are overweight. One-third – obese.

As a leading fitness trainer, Sasha is able to detail how most diets ignore the basic metabolic properties of the human body. Giving the reader a true understanding of how the body functions, Sasha explains why so much of what you thought you knew about dieting and fitness is wrong. He carefully explains what doesn’t work, then, most importantly, explains what works. Much more than just another cursory treatment of diet and exercise, Transforming Your Lifestyle gives you the knowledge you need for a lifetime of health and well-being!



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